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Easily track study visas, work permits, permanent residence applications, and spouse applications. You can add your case, and we will predict when you will receive a decision from IRCC.

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To ensure your application reaches colleges on time, we process your documents and submit your application on the same day.

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Our free express delivery ensures you receive your Fido Sim within 2-3 business days. If you have a flight the very next day after placing your order, we will make arrangements for you.

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In addition to keeping students informed of the latest developments, we also help them find housing, jobs, and travel partners.

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Every single day, we are so proud to provide students with quality service at a student price. To ensure that they make the most out of every day they spend abroad, we provide them with a wealth of resources.


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The data you provide to us is as valuable as our own. We use advanced encryption techniques to encrypt all data stored on our systems. HIPAA compliance is ensured for all healthcare-related data.


The data stored in the system is encrypted, so only authorized persons or you can access it. We do not share your information with any third party for their use.


To protect your privacy, we use standards and processes approved by the government in the country when sharing data among our team members.

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SSL-certified pathways are used to transmit your data. Including all communications that take place on our sites.