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Getting your PR approved is our duty.

Counseling & filling provided by licensed RCIC lawyers

A complete online process for those who can't visit us in Halifax.

Our checklist is designed to help you gather all the documents you require.

The benefits of applying for PR through us.

Our RCIC-licensed team is capable of handling even the most difficult PR cases.

No upfront payment

Our team will only charge you once it has reviewed your file and is confident that we can get you a PR. No upfront payment is charged initially.

Licensed Filling

We will make sure that your file is processed through a licensed RCIC who is trained by the Government of Canada to handle Permanent Residency files. Licensed Process means you can be sure that your file is processed without any errors and will be processed fast as compared to any other regular lawyer.

Everything Online

We will communicate with you over the internet, video calls or text messages to explain the process and set your expectations as well as collect all the required documents. Those who can visit us in person are most welcome.

Effective Checklist

Document collection should not be a hassle. Our team will be able to tell you exactly where to get those documents and what are some tricks to get them quickly.

Provincial & Federal PR

Our team keeps up-to-date on all the latest developments so that they know exactly to which program your file should be sent in order for the PR to be issued.

24 * 7 Support

Any time of the day, our customer service team will be able to answer your questions. Just call us to check the status of your file.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we are RCIC approved lawyers who are approved to prepare and process your file. We will make sure your file is prepared such that your PR is approved in shorted time possible.

This shop is a student-friendly shop, meaning, if you're a student who is already studying in Canada and is ready to file on their own, we will provide you with some discount on our fees and help you apply on your own.

PNP & CEC are both pathways to permanent residency. PNPs are monthly operated by province and CEC is operated by the federal government. CEC is the fastest way to get PR. Apply now to let our expert review your file and see if you qualify for CEC.

Three simple steps to getting your PR file approved.

Understand the entire process for PR and find out what is the best for your profile in 3 simple steps.



Click on the "Apply Now" button to fill out the initial registration form. No payment is required to get started. Our expert will make sure you're eligible for PR before making a payment.



Once our expert will analyze your profile and is confident that you're eligible to apply for PR, you will be required to make counselling payment. You can pay using all the methods including Debit & Credit.



Our expert will go through your profile, ask you multiple questions and will draft a plan for your PR journey. They will also give you a list of documents that you require and the format of the respective requirements.

PR services we offer

  1. CEC: Canadian Experience Class.
  2. PNP: Provincial Nominee Program (All the provinces across Canada).
  3. AINP and other Pilot Programs.

Time of completion

We expect to prepare your PR draft in 2 days after gathering all the documents from you.


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