Fido Sim Card

A $35 - 75 GB plan exclusively for students.

The service is free. Free shipping to all of India, free SIM.

Unlimited calls to anyone anywhere in Canada.

Free 1000 minutes/month international calling to India.

So many advantages for you

As a student, you deserve all of these

eSIM Available

Get your Fido sim activated instantly with a free eSIM option. eSIM users enjoy the same benefits as any regular sim user.

Activation Fees Waived

Activation fees of $50 will be waived thanks to our exclusive partnership with Fido. Take advantage of our free SIM program today.

Free International Minutes

Enjoy free 1000 minutes/month long-distance calling to your home country. Countries included: India, Bangladesh, China, Hong Kong, the UK, and Mexico.

Phone Number

Your phone number will be given to you before your departure so that you will be able to contact your family upon your arrival in Canada.

No Contract

With a contract-free service, you can change providers at any time without incurring any additional costs.

Unlimited Calls & Text

Take advantage of unlimited calling across Canada. At no additional cost, you will have access to unlimited text messages within Canada and internationally.

Frequently Asked Questions

While you are in India, you won't have to pay a single rupee or dollar. We provide a free sim card with free shipping, so there is no need for you to worry. As soon as you arrive in Canada, your plan begins and you start paying a month after you have used the service. However, you will need to make sure that you do not insert your sim card in India because you will be billed for roaming each day if you insert your sim.

Due to this being a no-contract plan, you are not obligated to use the service for years to come. At the end of your payment cycle, you could change or cancel the plan without incurring any additional fees.

If you have chosen the “ship to my address option” you will receive the SIM within 3-5 days

You can enter your temporary residence or temporary quarantine address Or your college Address and change it once you land in Canada.

You can insert the SIM the moment you land – please ensure to restart your phone Please do not use the SIM card while abroad as this will result in Roaming charges

The phone number will be provided once the SIM card is activated Please check your emails for confirmation from the team

Your first bill will arrive within 5 days of the service being activated The due date to pay this bill will be approximately 20 days later You can pay directly online or via the app using any debit/visa or credit card.

Once confirmed that you have your boarding pass to Canada, your SIM will be activated i. Please ensure to communicate with the SIM card team with regards to any delays in departure SIM card can only be activated with the exclusive plan prior to departure – no exceptions

This is a no-contract plan that you can use for as long as you wish.

Definitely, you can order the iPhone whenever you want. Using your existing phone number, you can log in to and explore various offers associated with your account to order an iPhone or any other mobile device. Fido has a wide range of mobile inventory including the latest iPhone as well as accessories. Please view their website to see all the mobiles you can apply for.

4 Easy steps to get started with Canadian Sim.

Complete the entire process from submitting the form to receiving and activating your sim in just a few minutes. We'll do everything online, so you won't have to leave your house.



Register for a free SIM card using the form below. No payment is required to get a sim card.



Upon receiving confirmation from the company, we will ship your sim card to your address in India.



To activate your sim card once you arrive in Canada, you need to insert your SIM card into your phone. You can start using your services after activation.



Your registration will be processed and the necessary information will be sent to the company. Your phone number will be generated by the company.


Please remember, this offer is not available to order from Canada. It is only available when you order it from India and receives the sim at your address. Students in Canada can order the regular 10 GB plan at $50/month through the Fido website.

Order your free SIM now and receive the exclusive student discount.

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