A step-by-step guide to creating a powerful resume.

By using ResumeKit, you will increase your chances of landing an interview.

Templates designed, tested, and reviewed by industry professionals.

Designed for applicants seeking part-time and full-time positions.

The benefits of a great resume are numerous.

You deserve all of these, from more interviews to a better package.

More Interviews

Our ResumeKit will help you create a resume that will bring you not just more interviews, but interviews with the companies you dreamed about.

Professionally crafted

The template that you will receive has been thoroughly researched, tested, and endorsed by professionals from several industries. We brought together the expertise and knowledge of several HR managers to create a perfect template for you.

Multiple Sample Resume

We will provide you with multiple sample templates so that you can use them as you write your resume. Samples for engineering, medical, and business fields have been expertly created by our team.

Easy-to-follow guide

For every single section of the resume, we have included a video tutorial so that you are never stuck. As you create your resume, you'll find ResumeKit extremely user-friendly.

Expert Advice

As you watch our video tutorial, you will learn all the important things you need to remember while creating a resume and after it has been created. Using our expert tips, you will be sure to get interviews.

Designed for International Students

We have designed our ResumeKit especially for students or immigrants who have difficulty finding a good job. You will be able to gain insight into the Canadian job market while preparing a resume.

"Thank you so much for the ResumeKit, Team. Through your help and God's blessings, I was able to get a job at ScotiaBank as a Mobile Application Developer. The package they offered me is $70,000, which is so much more than I had anticipated. ”

Ankit S.

“ResumeKit helped me get a lot of interviews. My old resume was in Indian format and I had no interviews with it, but with ResumeKit, I was able to secure the Manulife interview. The position is currently working from home and has very good pay.”

Nidhi K.

Frequently Asked Questions

You will have access to 3 types of templates, including beginner, intermediate, and advanced professional. Additionally, you will be able to access sample documents from a wide range of fields when you use these templates.

Our ResumeKit has been specifically designed after considering the brief research about the Canadian job market. For the Indian job market, it is not recommended to use the same strategy.

The simple process of creating a world-class resume.

From payment to getting access to the step-by-step guide & powerful templates.



We accept all forms of payment including debit, credit, UPI, and Net Banking. In case you're purchasing the ResumeKit from a country where our payment gateway is not functional, we would provide other alternate payment methods.


ResumeKit Delivery

Once you make a payment, you will receive an email that contains all the information you need to create the most powerful resume. It will contain a text document that has necessary links to the templates, samples, and all the videos.


Creating a Resume

As soon as you have the necessary information to access your ResumeKit, you should begin creating your resume on your computer or laptop instead of your mobile device.


Customer Support

Throughout the ResumeKit process, if you're stuck somewhere, we will help you get started. If you've trouble understanding the part of the guide, our team will help you with that. We will make sure you've got the right resume at the end.


ResumeKit includes a video tutorial that is both in English and Hindi. You will be able to fully utilize ResumeKit if you understand Hindi and English.

A resume that can help you land so many interviews is just a step away.


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