Tax Returns

File your taxes now to get the maximum returns.

So many advantages for you

As a student, you will receive your welcome package as well as returns on your tuition.

Maximum Returns

It is our mission to make sure your tax return is properly prepared so that you will receive maximum returns.

Licensed Team

To become licensed, our tax team had to pass a rigorous exam. Their field is their expertise, and they know it all thoroughly.

Student Price

During this busy time, we are always committed to providing quality service to students with a student discount to brighten up every student's day.

Quick & Simple Process

With this service, you won't even have to leave your house to file your taxes. We'll make sure it's done quickly and correctly.

Welcome Bonus

International students who are filing taxes for the first time are eligible for federal & provincial benefits – sales-tax credits and the Trillium Benefit. You will receive a bonus directly in your bank account.

Tuition Tax Credits

You will receive the credits for the tuition fees that you paid as an international student. Our expert knows the best way to get maximum credits.

Frequently Asked Questions

As an international student, you will receive credits for your tuition/fees taxes. Our team will inform you of what documents are required and the exact steps to gather these documents.

Tax returns: how do they work?

From making a payment to receiving your refund.


Make Payment

We accept all forms of payment. We accept UPI, credit cards, debit cards & net banking.


Analyze & Prepare

The tax team will communicate with you to request all the documents needed to prepare your file and ensure maximum returns.


Finalize Your Tax

After examining your file, our team will provide you with a clear vision of the potential return and how it will be deposited into your bank account.


Receive Returns

Returns will be sent directly to your bank account that was submitted during the process. If you have changed banks during the past year, you will also be able to change your bank account.

Prepare your taxes now in order to receive your maximum return and avoid the penalty for filing late.

C$40 + Tax

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