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Student Information
Name Sex City
Academic Information
Class 12: [CBSE] 7.8 CGPA
Backlogs (Recent Education): 0 Backlogs
English Exam Information
Type Overall Speaking Listening Reading Writing
IELTS 6.5 Bands 6.5 Bands 6.5 Bands 6.0 Bands 6.5 Bands
Student Preferences
College: Dalhousie University
Province: 6
Field: Computer Science / Web Development
Program Type: Bachelors Degree
Evaluation Remarks


How Strong Is Your Profile?

There are some documents that you don't have in the original.

Original documents are required most of the time. A few exceptions exist, though. As most entries to the express entry system are processed electronically, hard copies are not really needed. If you have a scanned copy of the original or a xerox that has been notarized, both of these are acceptable. What if original documents cannot be obtained in some cases? Digilocker is an online document storage service that has been launched by the government of India. There are a variety of documents that can be retrieved, ranging from licenses, birth certificates, mark sheets, degrees, diplomas and an extensive collection of different documents. Immigration Canada accepts the documents downloaded from Digilocker.

If you need a loan for foreign studies, but you do not have a bank guarantee.

The banks generally require a bank guarantee, which is also known as collateral. The collateral is used to secure the amount of the education loan. The condition in which the security is not available would require you to arrange the funding on your own to apply and pay for your journey to Canada. In either case, you will not be able to receive a complete loan plus the amount you spent on living expenses, other than SBI. This report includes a list of the banks that sanction up to 7.5 lakhs without security. These banks are listed on the Loan page.

Focus Institutes

Based on your profile, we recommend following colleges & universities.

Seneca College
Advanced Diploma in Computer Systems Technology
Level Duration Campus IELTS Tuition Application Fees Scholarship
UG Diploma/Certificate/Associate Degree 36 Months Newnham 6.0 CAD $16,275 CAD $90 nan
Centennial College
Advanced Diploma in Computer Systems Technology- Networking (Optional Co-op)
Level Duration Campus IELTS Tuition Application Fees Scholarship
UG Diploma/Certificate/Associate Degree 36 Months Progress Campus 6.5 CAD $17,211.85 Nil No
University of New Brunswick
Bachelor of Computer Science
Level Duration Campus IELTS Tuition Application Fees Scholarship
Undergraduate 48 Months Fredericton 6.5 CAD $17,542 125.00 No
Dalhousie University
Bachelor of Computer Science (Co-op)
Level Duration Campus IELTS Tuition Application Fees Scholarship
Undergraduate 48 Months Halifax 6.5 CAD $22,444.46 CAD $ 70 nan
City Information

The following information is for the city of Halifax. It is approximate and should only be used for general understanding.

Part-Time Jobs
Little Available, But Low Pay

A majority of students have trouble finding part-time jobs. About 2-3 months is the average time students take to find a job. Restaurants, grocery stores, fuel stations, Walmart, and other businesses are among the most popular jobs in the city. After finding a job, most students make progress and get enough hours to support themselves financially.

Indian Food
Most of the Indian food items available

There are a lot of Indian food options in the City. Indian stores can be found throughout the city, selling everything from basic groceries to jewelry and festival decorations. Among the most popular Indian foods purchased are Frozen Paratha, Frozen Roti, Ghee, Indian Masalas, Haldiram snacks, Gujarati & Punjabi snacks, and all other basic foods and snacks. As well as Tiffin Providers, you will find various options. One tiffin costs $180 per month, which is good for two meals a day for one person or one meal for two.

Living Expense

Students are able to manage the basic cost of living in the city. The majority of students who work part-time in addition to saving for tuition can manage their living expenses. Expenses for a car and luxurious items are not included in the living expenses.

Monthly Expenses

Rent Transport Phone Food Other Total
CAD $360.00 CAD $108.00 CAD $76.50 CAD $180.00 CAD $175.50 CAD $900.00
INR 21,546.00 INR 6,463.80 INR 4,578.53 INR 10,773.00 INR 10,503.68 INR 53,865.00
PR Information

The following information is for the province of Nova Scotia. It is approximate and should only be used for general understanding.

Graduates from Nova Scotia can get PR easily.
Processing Time: 2 -7 Months

Nova Scotia has two PNP programs for you and it is one of the easiest provinces to get PR faster .

To make it even better, Nova Scotia has a relatively simple PR process compared to other provinces. To become a PR, you need to get a job in NOC-C (e.g. Call Center, Post Office Clerk) or better and have at least six months of experience.It is as simple as it sounds get a job work for 12 Months and get PNP. your work can be in any field .

For more detailed and specific requirements you can contact us any time on Instagram OYE.STUDENT


Based on the Bachelor of Computer Science (Co-op) program at the Halifax campus of Dalhousie University, the following finance calculator allows you to get a rough sense of how much money you'll need. All values are approximate and should only be used for your understanding and for estimating funds requirements.

Before Coming To Canada
Component Frequency Amount
IELTS Academic One Time INR 14,700.00
IELTS Coaching One Time INR 10,000.00
Application Fee (3 College) One Time INR 15,000.00
GIC One Time INR 600,000.00
Medical Checkup One Time INR 8,050.00
Visa Fee One Time INR 8,000.00
Flight Ticket One Time INR 60,000.00
Mandatory Items Shopping One Time INR 20,000.00
Document Notary One Time INR 300.00
Document Translation One Time INR 200.00
Total (For INR) INR 736,250.00
Total (For CAD) CAD 0.0
After Coming To Canada
Component Frequency Amount
Medium Coffee One Time CAD 2.20
Frozen Paratha One Time CAD 1.99
Milk (1 Can) One Time CAD 4.29
Indian Meal One Time CAD 8.00
Samosa (2 Pcs) One Time CAD 3.00
Banana (6 Pcs) One Time CAD 2.99
Aashirvad Aata One Time CAD 11.21
Tiffin Monthly CAD 160.00
Car (Old) Monthly CAD 200.00
Car (Insurance) Monthly CAD 230.00
Total (For INR) INR None
Total (For CAD) CAD 623.68
Component Frequency Amount INR
Living Expense Monthly CAD $900.00 INR 53,865.00
Tuition Fees Annually CAD $22,444.46 INR 1,343,300.93

CAD $1 = INR59.85 (July 31, 2021, 3:50 a.m.)

Bank Loan Interest Rate (p.a.) Max Loan Repayment Security Processing
SBI Global Ed-Vantage Scheme 9.30% 25 Lakhs Starts After Course Completion + 6 Months Yes. Loan Amount Equivalent Security 10 Days - 2 Months
ICICI Bank Education Loan 11.50% 25 Lakhs Start After Course Completion + 6 Months Collateral Free Upto 7.5 Lakhs 10 Days - 2 Months
Student Questions
What is the average cost of Indian grocery in Halifax as compared to Toronto?

Answer: Halifax is the most developed city in Atlantic Canada. Indian Groceries have an average price that is 7% higher than those in Toronto and Brampton. There are 11 Indian stores in Halifax and Dartmouth where you can find most of the items, including seasonal fruits like mangoes. When we compare prices between Halifax and Toronto, the Halifax snacks cost $2.99 while the Toronto snacks only cost $2.29.

What is the safety situation for the girls in Halifax at night?

Answer: The city of Halifax is considered to be very safe, especially for women. Several Indian female students work at night and safely return home at night. The number of female international students who have been victimized by crime has been zero in the last four years. Since the city is not that active at night, police are always patrolling throughout the city to ensure the safety of anyone who travels or walks on footpaths during the late night hours.

Good Profile, Eligible to apply in most of the college.

It looks like you have a strong profile. Almost all Canadian colleges accept applications, including some of the top ones. If we talk about visa chances you have a good chance but the final decision will depend on the visa officer. The scope of finance is good in Canada. Going into Finance would be a good career choice instead of IBM. Our recommendation to you is to either take the graduate certificate course or the postgraduate diploma ,Dont go for simple UG level diploma. Overall, you have a good profile after you have completed your studies for 2 years and gained 2 years of experience in the relevant field and score high in IELTS. You will qualify for permanent residency while you live in Ontario. Otherwise, you will need to move to another province to obtain permanent residency. We would be happy to help you if you are considering applying for admission at any college. Several colleges offer application fee waivers as well.

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